The DJM-900NXS2 and Serato DJ software

There’s a few cool things about Serato’s NoiseMap software. Basically it allows the user to control digital files via your PC through the use of turntables. This is achieved using the control vinyl or the with the job wheels on multiplayers with the control CDs. Plus it’s easy to achieve a set change over because of the mixer’s 2 in-built sound cards.


In particular, let’s talk about the CDJ-2000NXS2 machine as it’s rather cool. So it uses Serato DJ which includes the awesome features of scratch and tempo control adjustment. On the deck as it were, there’s a cool display of the track titles, album titles, even the artwork! Very nice. There’s some more technical information too from the software but most beginners don’t need to be too concerned with that.

The Best Features of the DJM-900NXS2 using the infamous Serato DJ software

1) Ingenious scratch control and DVS in built
Once you plug in your Apple Mac or PC into the DJM-900NXS2 together with the Seroto control DJ media using either the vinyl or CDS, then you can obtain full control and even scratch on all digital audio files in your music library. So basically you don’t need a control CD with this gear.

2) Changeovers are simply seamless
So you’re a DJ and love your DJ equipment but are worried about taking over from the last DJ or the handover to the next, the technical term for this is a changeover. Now, with the DJM-900NXS2 this is actually very seamless ie no problem at all! This is made possible due to a dual sound card and two USB ports that are top-loaded combined with cool input selector switches on this awesome beginner set of dj equipment that all allow you to connect to two computers simultaneously thus making the changeover a professionally slick event in your set.

3)Using it to be an audio output device via the awesome Serato DJ tech
Again, due to the amazing dual sound cards, it is possible to even output audio signals using Serato DJ actually without the need for an external audio device, which let’s face it, is an amazing thing. You can configure and fine tune the settings on your PC to set the mode that you most like for this, for example the track recording or even track creation properties. Whether or not this is the best feature is doubtful but it’s a help you know, for upcoming DJs who don’t have a massive amount of expendable money, this is a really cool thing.